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How does PhotoTaxidermy differ from traditional Taxidermy?
Can I have a photo of me with my trophy? Or should the photo be just of the trophy?
How much does it cost?
Are there any preferences how I must submit my picture?
What surfaces can I put my PhotoTaxidermy trophy on?
Can my PhotoTaxidermy be applied to outdoor surfaces?
What is my PhotoTaxidermy made of?
When I remove my PhotoTaxidermy, will I ruin the wall?
How do I remove my PhotoTaxidermy from the wall?
How do I store my PhotoTaxidermy if I want to save it for later?
How long does processing and delivery take?
If I am not satisfied with my PhotoTaxidermy, can I return it?
Can I install my PhotoTaxidermy in a bathroom due to moisture?
Can I cancel my order?
What file formats do you accept?
I just painted my walls, how long should I wait to apply my PhotoTaxidermy?
How many times can I re-stick my PhotoTaxidermy?

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Simply snap a photograph of your trophy, upload it to our site and have an exact 2D replica printed and sent to your doorstep.

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Questions / Comments?

We appreciate your interest in Photo Taxidermy, please feel free to contact us at 855-472-7449 or fill out the form below with any questions or comments.